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First Impressions

The first impression I had was the size and layout of the wall. A three-quarter size replica is still quite impressive and - if anything - makes you want to witness the power of the original wall in Washington, D.C.

The second thing that catches your eye are all the objects laid out at the base of the wall along its entire length. Anyone visiting the Memorial Wall in D.C. will tell you that the objects of love and tribute placed at the foot of the wall can be both commonplace and wondrous at the same time (see my fifth image in this series for an example). You can find everything from a rose to a bottle of Jack Daniels along the pathway.

National touring three-quarter size replica of Washington, D.C.'s Vietnam Memorial Wall.
Pierce Brothers Cemetery, Westlake Village, California. September 4-7, 2009.
These images captured Monday, Labor Day, September 7, 2009.
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